The Lost Room cast Net worth

The Lost Room show cast net worth like Peter Krause , Nicholas Guilak and others. See how much The Lost Room actors make.


The Lost Room cast Name: Net worth
Peter Krause $20 million
Nicholas Guilak $300 thousand
Harriet Sansom Harris $500 thousand
Julianna Margulies $22 million
Elle Fanning $5 million
Tim Guinee $3 million
Ewen Bremner $5 million
Dennis Christopher $3 million
Ann Cusack $6 million
April Grace $600 thousand
John Beasley $200 thousand
Kevin Pollak $16 million
Jason Antoon $300 thousand
Chris Bauer $1.5 million
Margaret Cho $3 million
Jorge-Luis Pallo $600 thousand
Roger Bart $500 thousand
Peter Jacobson $6 million
Jason Douglas $600 thousand
Ben Petry $700 thousand

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